Paul McCartney on holiday in Martinique. (Photo by James Andanson/Sygma via Getty Images)

If you or someone dear to you is a bassist, chances are you can easily conjure up an image of the famed “Paul McCartney bass” in your mind. The iconic violin-shaped Höfner 500/1, which McCartney played during the early Beatles era, was stolen in 1972. However, unlike his songbook, it has finally been located.

Last year saw the launch of the “Lost Bass Project” with the aim of reuniting McCartney with his beloved Höfner. The campaign achieved its goal, as the bass has now been returned to McCartney, according to a statement on his website. “The guitar has been authenticated by Höfner, and Paul is incredibly grateful to all those involved,” the statement reads in part.

Although McCartney hasn’t disclosed where the bass was found, a Twitter user named Ruaidhri Guest claimed to have had possession of it. He stated that he inherited the instrument and has since returned it to McCartney. As of now, there is no additional information regarding the whereabouts of the bass between 1972 and Guest’s ownership.

Guest supported his claims with a photo of himself holding the Höfner, which undeniably resembles McCartney’s bass. Quite intriguing!

McCartney originally purchased the bass in 1961 for £30, drawn to its symmetrical shape, perfect for a left-handed player like himself. Its current value could be as high as £10 million, as reported by The Daily Mail.